Tina Stallard's photographs reflect the beauty and mystery of the natural world: moiré sand stretching to an invisible horizon, the movement of a wave breaking on the beach, a dandelion shimmering in the light, a flamingo trailing patterns in the silt. The images span three continents and two decades but are unified by Tina's sensitivity to colour, light and form. Tina began her photographic career using black and white, and many of the images use a restricted range of colours, creating a profound sense of space and serenity. Her approach to landscape photography has been influenced by her study with leading photographers such as Fay Godwin, John Blakemore, and Freeman Patterson.

Tina is an award-winning professional photographer and filmmaker, based in London. She worked at the BBC as a producer on national news bulletins for many years before embarking on a successful freelance career. Her documentary photo-essays on contemporary social issues have been published in the Times and the Sunday Times and in magazines around the world, and her films have been shown nationally and internationally on the BBC, BBC World and Al-Jazeera. Her work has been exhibited in Oxford, Birmingham and Leicester, and in London, at the House of Commons, the Institution of Civil Engineers and in the Barbican Library.